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About the Book

Let’s come together and embark on a 30-day journey of growing our faith. In this devotional you will find many topics we struggle or deal with, in our day-to-day walk. As you walk through these 30 days you will see that there are real life experiences plus scripture teachings that are relatable and transparent to help you in your own journey.

“It's in our own life's affairs that others see the faithfulness of God. Everyone can tell a story, but the important thing is who can tell about God's faithfulness. It always must point back to Him.

Faithful You are and faithful we will be.

About the Author

Crystal is a Christian author, speaker, podcast host, one of the founders of 341 Women's ministry out of her home church Overflow, in Angier, North Carolina, and the co-founder of a women’s non-profit called Her Haven of Light. Each ministry is for those who are lost, broken, or just want to experience the love of God in new ways. She strives to help equip women as they walk through life, meeting them right where they are. She published her first book, Faithfully Faithful Devotionals in 2019. She has experienced God's love and faithfulness over her life with such purpose that it led her to want to lead others to experience the same. With a passion to serve God, as big as her laugh, she wants to teach others that an unwavering faith can move mountains.

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